Hello, we are Influsa

We are an international social media marketing service provider offering you our service in 5 different countries.

Our project was founded in 2021 and since then we are growing. Our goal is to bring influencers and companies together. Through our large marketplace of influencers, it is very easy for a brand to find a suitable influencer for a cooperation.

Our core values

Due to our strong growth we are already the global market leader for services between influencers and brands.








Project start

Why us?

Influsa offers a user-friendly platform for influencers and advertisers. Influencers have the possibility to freely set their own prices and provide their own detailed portfolio to make themselves more interesting for brands. Brands can easily find the right Marketplace function to find the right influencers for their niche.


Quality assurance and controlling of all bookings as well as secure handling of the services.

Communication system:

Internal communication system between influencers and brands.


Marketplace with a large number of influencers from all niches and different countries in the EU.

Our Team

Our team at a glance, we help influencers and companies to find each other and grow together.

Dominik Auerswald


Lea Auerswald

Influencer Manager

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