Frequently Asked Questions


What is the duration of a booking? Can I extend terms?

Guaranteed publication and visibility for several days - usually forever.

Can Influsa advise me on the composition of the offers?

You can get general advice from your account manager. Alternatively, you can contact us via the contact form.

Will sales tax (VAT) be shown to me in the invoices and credit notes?

All prices shown on the platform are net prices. Your customer account will always be net as well. Auerswald Marketing SL. has its registered office in Spain. The collection and display of VAT is carried out according to the legal regulations.

How can I terminate/delete an offer?

To do so, go to Accounts in the dashboard and click on the delete button for the corresponding account.

When will I receive my remuneration from successful bookings? What is the publisher credit?

Few days. You will receive the entire remuneration as soon as the order is completed, credited as a credit in the customer account. You can withdraw your credit as soon as it reaches the minimum payout amount.

When and how can I withdraw my publisher credit?

A payout is possible from a credit of 25,00€.

How much money can I earn at Influsa?

The amount of your earnings depends on the number of your orders, the quality and the reach of your social media accounts.

How do I post an offer on Influsa marketplace?

To market social media profiles on Influsa, you need a free customer account. Log in with your user details and go to the dashboard. Select Accounts in the left column and add your social media account and set your prices for a post.

Is marketing offers on Influsa free for me?

Social network profile marketing is basically free for publishers and does not include any basic fees or anything like that.


What do I do if the publisher does not process the booking request?

Cancellation is possible at any time as long as the booking has not yet been accepted by the publisher. Cancellation is not possible during the processing time by the publisher/influencer!

How do I book an offer on the Influsa marketplace?

To book offers (e.g. influencer videos or social posts) directly on the Influsa marketplace, you need a free customer account. Browse our marketplace in the categories or by using a search term.

What payment options do I have with Influsa?

Influsa offers you a variety of payment options: Credit Card, PayPal, Sofort Bank Transfer, SEPA Bank Transfer. Please note that in some countries not all payment options may be available.

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